When Your Family Is Changing, We Are Ready To Help

If you have been through the legal system, you understand that a judge's sense of what is fair may be very different from yours. We will learn what is most important to you. We will learn the strengths and weaknesses of your case. And we will help you prepare a stronger case, a winning case.

Your family is important to us and to our community, and we take your needs seriously.

Family law, in particular, requires special attention. Your family deserves the best possible future, and you deserve personalized attention and care. At The Law Firm of Hesni & Parrales, PLC, our attorneys are equipped to help you with your divorce or other family proceedings. We have helped families in Louisiana since 1991, and our experience and attention to detail are your advantage.

To let us help you with your case, call us today at 504-361-0018 or email us to set up your first consultation.

How We Help Gretna Families

We want to help you set your family up for success. Whether that means helping you establish a clear prenuptial agreement or determining child custody arrangements, our lawyers know Louisiana courts and what you need to secure your family's future.

We have experience with all aspects of family law, including:

  • Determining child custody and visitation arrangements
  • Determining child support and spousal support
  • Dividing personal assets, including property
  • Drafting and negotiating prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Navigating adoption proceedings
  • Obtaining restraining orders in cases of domestic violence

We want to help you find a road map for your future. We will pay attention to your needs and will be your teammate on creating a path forward. Call 504-361-0018 to set up a consultation. We work throughout Jefferson Parish.