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How can you find all your assets during divorce?

When you're dividing your property, you have to think of all your assets. It's not enough to think that you have everything but to be unsure. If you don't disclose assets during your divorce, you could get into deep trouble. If you forget to look for certain assets, you could miss out on claiming your shared portion.

Most people going through a divorce haven't been through this before, so it's important to figure out how to locate all your assets. You have a few options.

How can you try to gain primary custody?

Child custody is an important topic to discuss with your child's other parent. No matter how you two feel about one another, if you're both decent parents, then you should have time with your child.

It is normally presumed that both parents will continue to play a role in a child's life, even if they are divorced. How much time you spend with your child depends on a number of factors and who ends up with primary custody.

Don't let myths impact your child's divorce experience

Divorces that involve children can be among the most difficult. However, it all comes down to how parents handle things. You may worry about your children suffering no matter what you do, but they won't. There are many things that people assert about children going through divorce that simply aren't true, and some myths that could actually hurt children's adjustment to divorce.

For example, you may have heard that divorcing early in your child's life is better, because they'll be too young to remember it and won't have trauma from it. However, children who are two or older are likely to have some memories linked to their parents' split. Therefore, you should still take steps to ease them into the divorce and the changes that come with it.

Going through divorce? Get the support you need

Divorce happen for many reasons, but do you know the primary cause in America? in one survey, 75% of those who responded stated that a lack of commitment played a role in their divorces. Extramarital affairs and arguing or fighting also played a role in many of the divorces discussed in the survey.

As someone who is now going through a divorce, one of these issues may have led to yours. It's important that you are treated fairly during divorce and that you have an opportunity to seek a fair division of property upon divorce.

How to increase your odds of a healthy divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful things a person can go through. When you develop too much stress, you can actually experience physical ailments, and you may start to feel incredibly sick. 

You cannot avoid stress entirely when you divorce. However, there are ways you can limit your exposure to stress during this time. It is vital to take care of yourself so that when you meet with your attorney or go in front of a judge, you feel well enough to express your opinions. 

Learn the best ways to pay support to avoid trouble

Child support is more than just a payment from one parent to cover the cost of raising a child. It is an obligation that helps guarantee financial, medical and emotional support for children.

The Department of Children and Family Services handles child support issues such as enforcing and establishing orders, collecting payments and distributing child support payments when necessary.

Get help as you cope with divorce

Every divorce is different, and it isn't always easy to cope with one. If you were surprised by your spouse's request for a divorce, you may be hurt and anxious about what's to come.

Remember that you are not alone. Many people have been through what you're going through now who are available to help you. From friends and family with positive and thoughtful actions to your attorney, who can help with the legal aspects of divorce, you do have support.

Helping kids adjust: When your children act out during divorce

Although it is an uncomfortable situation to be in, parents do have to handle the struggle of helping their children adjust to divorce despite the ways they may be acting out against them. A young child may have tantrums, while an older child might begin talking back or lashing out. It is hard to handle, but it is a parent's responsibility to do so.

It is totally normal for children to react to such a major life change in a dramatic way. Your child may be angry or frustrated, scared or in pain. This could come out in harmful actions like hitting or throwing objects, or it could show up as symptoms of an illness.

Recognizing parental alienation

Co-parenting with someone with whom you no longer share a romantic relationship can prove difficult even under the best possible circumstances. However, if you are also co-parenting with someone who wishes to turn your child against you or otherwise change his or her opinion of you, it can prove to be even more of a struggle.

While it is, unfortunately, not uncommon for one parent to speak ill of his or her ex in the wake of a divorce, when it happens repeatedly, it may wind up constituting parental alienation. Parental alienation is a serious behavior that can have a strong and negative impact on your child. In fact, many child-rearing authorities now contend that parental alienation is, in fact, a form of abuse, and that it can, in some cases, have lifelong emotional effects on the children who have to deal with it.

Child support is about giving your child a better life

Child support is a tool that is used to help a child have the financial support of a two-parent household when they are living with a single parent. Generally speaking, child support boosts the quality of a child's life.

Some people argue that child support isn't fair; this argument is made particularly often when parents have joint custody and nearly a 50-50 share of time with their children. The truth is, though, that paying support isn't just about giving your child more. It's also about making sure they're living in a safe environment and have the necessities.

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