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When might you need a prenuptial agreement?

| Nov 21, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Contrary to popular belief, prenuptial agreements are not exclusively for high-asset earners who are marrying people who make less than them. Nowadays, all types of couples draft and sign prenuptial agreements that protect their best interests, and there are reasons couples at virtually all income levels may want to consider doing the same.

So, under what types of circumstances might it benefit you to draft a prenuptial agreement?

When you and your partner have different spending habits

You can love your significant other more than anything in the world, but you may not like his or her spending habits, and that can often be a problem down the line, should things turn sour between you. Remember, any debts accrued by either party during the marriage may become the responsibility of both parties, so if your spending habits differ broadly from that of your loved one, it may benefit you to take this important step.

When you have business interests to protect

You may, too, find it advantageous to draft a prenuptial agreement if you own or work for a well-known or highly successful brand or business. In addition to protecting you financially in the event of a split, you can also use this document to set certain terms that prevent your spouse from, say, badmouthing your business or even disparaging it or you on social media.

When you have already been married

If you are entering into a second or third marriage, you may be more likely than someone heading into his or her first to have sizable assets to protect, and a prenuptial agreement can help you do that. You may, too, be more likely to have adult children by the time you marry for a second or subsequent time, and you may already have plans in place in terms of how you wish to distribute your assets among them.

Rarely does anyone enter into a marriage while expecting it to someday end, but in reality, divorce is quite common across Louisiana and beyond. Drafting a prenuptial agreement now may save you considerable time, money and energy down the line.