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Get to know your community property state’s laws

| Jan 30, 2019 | Property Division |

Louisiana’s laws respect that marriages are built on the backs of two adults. That means that all they do supports the other person and that they share in their responsibilities. As a result, when two people in a committed relationship divorce, they are expected to divide their marital property fairly and evenly.

Louisiana is a community property state. Marital property is divided 50-50 except for in some extreme cases where it can be shown that one person should receive much more than the other. Louisiana is one of few community property states with considerable exceptions to the 50-50 rule.

In Louisiana, the property you receive while you’re married becomes community property, no matter who’s on the title. However, the laws allow for prenuptial agreements to divide property unequally, and you can also come to your own agreement with your spouse outside court for an arrangement that is not equal.

For the most part, marital property can be split evenly. Things such as furniture purchased for your home, bedroom sets, computers, vehicles and other property purchased during your marriage should be sold with the profits being split or divided equally between you. Assets that were purchased before the marriage remain your own or your spouse’s own. In some cases, assets you receive during marriage, like inheritances, may remain separate property, but it’s best if you have your attorney look over your assets and tell you what falls into separate or community property. That way, you can decide if a 50-50 split is best or if you want to set up different arrangements.