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3 tips for better co-parenting arrangements

| Feb 28, 2019 | Child Custody |

In most people’s relationships, the most important person is their child. They want to make sure their child grows up loved and cared for. This is normal, and it can be the norm even after a divorce.

Not all divorces have to be complicated or end in conflict. Parents can co-parent together and make their relationships with their children and their ex-spouses better instead of living with conflict. Here are a few tips on how to make co-parenting work for you.

1. Follow the ACT rules

ACT stands for accuracy, complete and timely. To be respectful to your ex-spouse, you should give them accurate information, complete information and be timely for custody meetings. Always provide the information that the parent would expect and that you would expect from them. Essentially, treat each other equally, and you can expect fewer conflicts.

2. Put aside conflicts

It is hard to work out as co-parents if you can’t get along enough to communicate. If you and your ex-spouse are in a conflicted relationship, you need to set aside your own issues in the best interests of your child. You need to communicate with one another regularly, or you could put your child in danger unintentionally.

3. Stay focused on the common goal

Both you and your ex-spouse want to see your child succeed. Don’t let your own relationship problems get in the way of your child’s needs. Focus on their needs, and you will both find common ground.

These are three tips to help you co-parent better. Communicate and be honest, so you can protect your child’s interests.