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What are factors that influence child custody?

| Apr 10, 2019 | Divorce |

Children who go through divorce with their parents have to be taken care of just as well as when they were in a two-parent household. Parents have the responsibility to care for their children and to help them reach their potential, even if the parents no longer live together or maintain a romantic relationship.

The most important thing you’ll do doing your divorce is coming up with your custody arrangements. Your child custody arrangements must be formed in your child’s best interests and should consider all factors that could influence your child’s well-being. By the age of 11, most courts in Louisiana will allow children to state their preference in custody disputes and when asked for their preference by the court.

What are factors that influence child custody?

Factors that can influence child custody include:

  • The presence of physical or psychological abuse
  • Past convictions and criminal charges against the parent or parents
  • Histories of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Which parent is more likely to care for the child
  • Which parent has a more significant relationship with the child
  • Which party is more stable financially

Each of these factors can help or hurt your case for custody. If you and your spouse can’t agree on a custody arrangement on your own, then these are the factors that the judge may review to create a custody schedule for you.

It’s normally in your best interests, and in the interests of your child, to have a custody plan you can all agree on. Your attorney can help you get the help you need to create the ideal parenting plan and custody arrangements.