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Child support is about giving your child a better life

| Aug 27, 2019 | Child Support |

Child support is a tool that is used to help a child have the financial support of a two-parent household when they are living with a single parent. Generally speaking, child support boosts the quality of a child’s life.

Some people argue that child support isn’t fair; this argument is made particularly often when parents have joint custody and nearly a 50-50 share of time with their children. The truth is, though, that paying support isn’t just about giving your child more. It’s also about making sure they’re living in a safe environment and have the necessities.

Child support doesn’t have to go toward things like extracurricular activities or extraneous shopping trips. It may be used to allow a parent to buy a home or apartment in a nicer area of town, to provide healthier meals or to afford the uniform for a private education. Child support, as it’s designed, supports your child and their environment.

What should you do if you think child support is being misused?

If you truly believe that it is being misused, you can reach out to your attorney. Gather information, such as emails, social media posts or other data, that shows why you think it’s not being used as intended.

For example, if you pay $500 a month in support and your child continually returns home dirty and hungry, there may be a problem to address. Your attorney can talk to you more about your concerns and if there are ways to help you modify custody or support to remedy the situation and help your child.