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Going through divorce? Get the support you need

| Oct 25, 2019 | Divorce |

Divorce happen for many reasons, but do you know the primary cause in America? in one survey, 75% of those who responded stated that a lack of commitment played a role in their divorces. Extramarital affairs and arguing or fighting also played a role in many of the divorces discussed in the survey.

As someone who is now going through a divorce, one of these issues may have led to yours. It’s important that you are treated fairly during divorce and that you have an opportunity to seek a fair division of property upon divorce.

In Louisiana, you will need to separate from your spouse for at least six months before moving forward with a divorce if you’ll be going through a no-fault divorce. If you can prove that your spouse cheated on you, then you may want to consider a fault-based divorce, which does not require a separation of any specific amount of time.

Louisiana is a community property state, so all income and property earned or purchased by either spouse during the marriage will be divided equally, not equitably. However, there are exceptions, and you may be able to fight to get more than your spouse under certain circumstances.

What can you do to prepare for divorce?

When you’re ready to prepare for divorce, you need to speak with a legal professional first. This person will start walking you through the divorce process and will tell you more about the documents you need.

Our website has more on community property division and divorce, so you know what to expect.