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December 2019 Archives

Friendly divorces are the norm in Louisiana, study claims

Louisiana isn't known for being an aggressive or harsh place, and studies have now shown that the good-natured style of residents pours over into many divorces. In fact, the study claims that many of the divorces that take place in Louisiana happen on friendly terms.

Protecting your financial interests with a postnuptial agreement

When two people get married, they are excited about what the future holds. It is likely there is no thought regarding the potential for divorce. As a result, many Louisiana couples walk down the aisle without the legal protections that may be necessary and important down the road. By overlooking the need for a prenuptial agreement, they may be exposing themselves to great financial and legal risk.

How can you find all your assets during divorce?

When you're dividing your property, you have to think of all your assets. It's not enough to think that you have everything but to be unsure. If you don't disclose assets during your divorce, you could get into deep trouble. If you forget to look for certain assets, you could miss out on claiming your shared portion.

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