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Friendly divorces are the norm in Louisiana, study claims

| Dec 19, 2019 | Divorce |

Louisiana isn’t known for being an aggressive or harsh place, and studies have now shown that the good-natured style of residents pours over into many divorces. In fact, the study claims that many of the divorces that take place in Louisiana happen on friendly terms.

The survey from 2019 found that around two out of three divorces in Louisiana ended on good terms. Nationally, the average is a little below half of all divorces at around 45%. Why? Some believe it’s a good quality of life in the state that helps distract people from the pain of their divorces. Others may just want to be kind to one another despite their differences.

Not all divorces are friendly, though

While the majority of Louisiana divorces are friendly, that’s not the case for all of them. Those that aren’t on amicable terms often turn sour in the court system. Those people are highly upset by the disruption in their lives, and they may fight over every little thing. Of course, that’s a costly way to handle things, but sometimes, emotions overrun and cause divorces to wind up at trial.

What should you do if you’re getting a divorce?

You should do your best to keep the situation amicable if you can. Be willing to negotiate, but be fair to yourself, too. If you truly can’t come up with a fair division of your assets, for example, then going to court may be appropriate. Otherwise, try not to focus on the small things and to negotiate for what you need to move on.