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Louisiana is seeing a lower divorce rate, but why?

| Feb 12, 2020 | Divorce |

If you could choose a state to live in because of low divorce rates, would you? Could you question if the state has some difference that makes it better for married couples, like better jobs or a lower cost of living? You could, but the facts that you hear about states with lower divorce rates aren’t telling the full truth.

You may think it’s good news when you hear that divorce rates are down in Louisiana. A recent study showed that Louisiana’s divorce rate has dropped 22.73% in the last decade. That isn’t the entire story, though. The reality is that the state’s marriage rate is down 28.17% and that its divorce rate is dropping as a result of people simply not getting married at all.

As you can see, stating that divorce rates are down doesn’t tell the whole truth. Marriage rates are also down. It’s not just Louisiana that is seeing the dip in marriages and divorces, either. This is happening in nearly all the states across the U.S.

Divorce happens, even when the data seems to say they’re uncommon

The situation is this: Divorces happen. Any marriage could end in divorce for any number of causes. Data can show that divorce rates are dropping, but there are a variety of factors that can play a role in that drop, such as making it harder to divorce or seeing fewer people get married in the first place.

Divorces aren’t uncommon, and you’re not alone if you need to go through one. There is help available if you’re concerned about your divorce and the process that is required to finalize one.