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Keeping parenting up-to-date: Don’t forget these modern issues

| Jul 31, 2020 | Child Custody |

Being a good parent isn’t easy — but you’re determined to give it your all. Since you’re going through a divorce, you naturally want to plan ahead and anticipate as many conflicts as possible that you may have with your co-parent over the kids.

Here are some of the uniquely modern potential problems that you probably need to discuss sooner, rather than later:

  1. What vaccinations will your child receive? The “anti-vaxx” movement is strong in the United States and there’s no guarantee that you and your ex-spouse will continue to see eye-to-eye on this issue.
  2. What religious instruction will your child receive? After a divorce, formerly agnostic or irreligious parents sometimes find a new faith (or return to an old one) while they’re seeking comfort or meaning. They may want to bring your child along with them.
  3. What changes to a child’s appearance are okay? If your child wants to dye their hair bright blue, for example, you need to know if you and your ex-spouse need to both agree to the changes.
  4. What happens if gender identity becomes an issue? There’s a growing body of people who identify as transgender, gender-queer, genderfluid or non-binary in some way. If your child “comes out” while still a minor how do you want the issue handled?
  5. How are electronics handled? This can be a big source of conflicts, especially if one parent wants to “cut the cords” and one thinks it’s important for kids to become comfortable with computers and other electronics.
  6. What about school? Parents are increasingly worried about their children’s safety in the public school system. Should your child be moved to homeschool? Can they use an online school? Is a private school an option?

Most modern parents have to navigate these concerns — but the process gets complicated when the parents are divorced. If you’re struggling to make a solid parenting plan, turn to an attorney for some help.